Frequently Asked Questions

XSales® Maps is a platform for Supervisors that allows real-time monitoring of the location and performance of mobile workforce. 

Web console, displays the dashboards with real-time information of the Supervised team members. A Tablet is the recommended device form factor to offer mobility to the Supervisors. 

Mobile application, installed on each of the supervisee’s mobile devices. This application enables the exchange of information with the Web Console. 

No, XSales® Maps can integrate through an API to any other mobile workforce software. However, with XSales® SFA, it has an out-of-the-box built-in integration. 

The price is calculated based on the Web Console and the Mobile Application users required and it is billed annually or monthly. 

In the XSales® Maps configuration, the Organizational Structure is defined, reflecting the hierarchy and levels of the users. This configuration allows the data segmentation for each Supervisor. 

If you already have access to our XSales® Academy documentation center, you will find step-by-step how to carry out the Organizational Structure configuration. 

The information from XSales® Maps Mobile is updated instantly, without the Supervisee’s intervention. For this, it is required to have an Internet connection from the mobile device. Otherwise, they are stored and sent when the Internet connection is restored. 

The information sent to the XSales® Maps Console through the API will depend on the update frequency set in the Integration settings. 


In the case of XSales® SFA, there is the following frequency: 


From XSales® Maps Mobile – instantly: 


Breadcrumbing, Truck Out of Stock and Elapsed Visit Time. 

Via API – configurable every 6 hours: 


Invoice, Orders, Payments, Customer Inventories, Surveys, No visit reasons, No sale reasons, No inventory reasons, No collection reason and Customers visit sequence. 

Yes, the XSales® Maps Console can be accessed from any device with an Internet browser. However, for a better user experience, larger screens such as a Tablet or PC are recommended. 

Yes. XSales® Maps Console offers the configuration of Alerts, allowing you to define a particular condition for each type of transaction. Then, once a new incoming Transaction meets the condition, a notification will be sent by email or displayed on the notifications section in the Web Console. 

No. The purpose of the XSales® Maps Console is to offer a Platform to Supervisors that allows them to make, in the platform, all the queries necessary for effective supervision.