XSales® Maps

Take supervision to the next level with XSales® Maps

The new platform that gives you real-time control over your field team’s activity.
Get a visual GPS map representation of all Points of Interest (POIs), routes, transactions, times and more.
Track every member of your team at all times.
Access to all generated data at the moment is created.
XSales® Maps Allows Supervisors to make better & timely decisions by giving them instant & full access to what happens in the field. Responding to any situation that requires attention, seconds after it occurs and not at the end of the day.

You have questions? we have answers:

1.Are field reps visiting all POIs?

Track them in real-time.

2. How far from these locations are transactions being created?

Check proximity to POIs.

3. Are reps following the visiting plan?

Compare Planned vs. Real route.

4. Can I decide who sees what?

Data segmentation available per Organizational Structure

5. Where are these POIs located in the map?

Get a visual GPS representation.

6. How the sales process is being served?

See all transactions created at POIs

7. Where are the reps when not creating transactions?

Trace them through Breadcrumbing

8. Can XSales® Maps be integrated to other data sources?

All external sources are welcome.

Set preferences, manage data and analyze results in an easy and agile way, from your notebook or tablet